Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello supercart

I want to kiss whomever invented these
 Usually when I have all four, Erin walks and Patrick and Allison sit on the extra seats.  But today Erin *reaaaaaally* wanted to ride (she said it exactly like that.  "I *reaaaaaally* want to ride, Mom!"), so that forced Allison into the basket (since she's smaller and takes up less room for other things).  She was not happy at all.  I feel for her a little, I mean, Erin took her spot.  But tough beans. Sharing means sometimes someone else gets the good seat.

Anyway, her fussing started into a full-on tantrum as we passed the books.  This Wally world actually has a pretty good book section.  So I grabbed one, and handed it to her.  Yes, I bribed my child to end a tantrum.  But the fact that it WASN'T candy has got to mean something, right?  Of course, that means everyone else had to get books too.  Again, it's got to be good that it wasn't candy, right?

People always give me looks in stores like I've got four heads instead of four kids.  When did four kids become a lot?  Maybe my perspective is skewed coming from a family of seven, but honestly, is four really all that unheard of?  Thankfully they were all generally well behaved today, aside from Allison's original fussiness.  Because sometimes it cascades and then everyone is tantruming.  *That's* when four becomes a lot. But not today. Today it was actually kind of fun.  We were buying ingredients for ice cream sundaes for dessert.  Everyone got to choose something.  Hopefully they'll still be that happy after dinner.

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  1. I always give Ophelia a book first thing when we go to the store. I usually don't buy it, but let her know that she can borrow it until we're done. Sometimes I get weird looks from cashiers when my kid hands her book back to them while we're checking out. But yes! Bonus points for not candy! :)