Saturday, March 26, 2011

First hair cut

Matt and I have been talking about cutting Patrick's hair for a little while now.  It was quite long on the crown of his head, but not so long around the edges.

Here's a picture of before.  I'd pulled up a lock of hair to show length and then he moved before Matt got the picture taken so it wasn't *quite* as long as it looks.
And after.  It's short but it's all the same length!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So last year I didn't do a blog post about my birthday.  And I almost didn't this year either!  Bad me.  It wasn't really anything big, but it deserves a mention, I think.

We went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  I took a pic of Erin, and she decided she wanted to take some.
Patrick started playing peek-a-boo with the two couples next to us, and they said he made them miss their grandsons.  I said he probably misses his grandparents.
Instead of cake I got four gourmet cupcakes.  They were SO GOOD.
I think Matt got some better pics of Patrick snarfing his on his phone.  I'll have to make him put them on the computer for me.  Anyway, we went to go see Rango afterward.  It was a great night!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day part 2

Here's our dinner!
Patrick was very very hungry.
Clover honey, could it be any better?
Erin loved the soda bread
Patrick loves the ginger ale.

St. Patrick's Day part 1

We had a little fun this morning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet the new member of our family!

Yesterday evening we had an appointment at the dealership.  We went in at 6:30pm with a Toyota Rav4, and left at 10:30 with a Honda Odyssey.  I'm officially a minivan mama!  But I just love it.

And of course we celebrated with a trip to the zoo!!

I feel like there's something wrong with this.
I think hippos are just adorable.  And apparently this guy is the oldest one in the United States
A shot of the baby orangutan I couldn't get in my last zoo post.
A cassowary!  I didn't know that the zoo had cassowaries.  I've been how many times?  How did I miss that??
Erin loved the penguins.  She didn't want to move on.
She's 3 1/2 feet tall.  Exactly 6 feet shorter than the polar bear.
And of course, the aftermath.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun weekend

So, we got our tax return this weekend, so we went to get the parts to update Matt's computer.  He's wanted to for a while, and it was one of the things we'd decided to do with some of the money.  Last time he built a new one was in 2007, the beginning  the semester after Erin was born, so it's been nearly 4 years, and that's a long time in computer years.

Erin had helped Matt clean out his car earlier in the day and wanted to take a ride in his car, so we went ahead and switched the seats over.  Patrick wasn't thrilled with the change (he doesn't like changes like that!)
We stopped at Arby's for lunch.  Patrick decided that dipping his onion rings in apple sauce was the way to go.
On the way to the car, Erin grabbed Patrick's hand.  It's their new thing and I think it's ADORABLE
While at the computer store, Erin and Patrick got bored (unsurprisingly) so we went looking for something to do, and found these.  They were all-in-one monitor computers that were touch screen.  I opened Paint and let them go at it.  They were there for the rest of the time, and didn't want to leave!!
And today I took them to Build-A-Bear Workshop.  Erin had a blast. She named her bear "Pink".
Patrick didn't like the stuffing process, but LOVED the soft fur!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I know it's not St. Patrick's Day

But Erin wanted to wear her shirt.  We went out to play with sidewalk chalk because it is such a beautiful day.
And while we were out there, our new stroller came!!
So I built it outside and then took it for a spin.  I see another zoo day in the near future!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

late birthday pictures, and the park

We had Patrick's birthday celebration on Saturday.  We had a few friends over for pizza and cake.  Unfortunately Jensen was sick, so Lily was the only one to make it.

The was a semi-disaster, so I wasn't able to make it nearly as cute as I wanted, but it turned out okayish.
He loved the candle.  He wanted to touch it.
I went to go cut cake and serve ice cream, and forgot to have someone take pictures of Patrick opening his presents.  Oh well.
Yay cake!
 Our ward playdate was at the park today for the first time in months.  It was nice (I actually got a little sunburned!)