Monday, May 6, 2013


I had an ultrasound today.  My due date was moved from 12/23 to 12/25.  But my little blob had a heart beat (150) and that's all I care about.  Here's a blurry picture, the blob on the left is the yolk sac, the blob on the right is the baby.

Cora's birthday

We celebrated Cora's birthday over the course of a few days
May 1: It snowed and I went grocery shopping, so we went out to dinner that night
May 2nd: We made cupcakes.  Blackberry cupcakes.  Because Cora told me to.  (When I passed the blackberries at the store, a little voice at the back of my head said "OH! Put THOSE in the CUPCAKES!")
May 3rd we released our butterflies
May 4: Not really for Cora's birthday.  We planted some plants in our garden.

Finishing out April

April 26: Allison found Hello Kitty
April 27: we weeded the garden plot to get it ready
and danced at the dinner table
April 29th: picnic in the park, sick mommy style