Sunday, October 6, 2013

Expected too much of myself maybe?

Guess what, moving is hard.  And moving while pregnant is harder.  And it takes a long time to recover from.

So I haven't updated the blog for a long time.  Hard to have the energy to do really anything at all.

We're doing good though!  Erin started first grade
And Patrick started preschool
Allison turned 2!
And baby boy has a name!

We're still living with several boxes.  Once we got to a certain point in unpacking (and the internet got set up :p ) things came to a halt.  But it's still really bothering me, so I'm going to be trying over the next few weeks to get them unpacked or out of the way somewhere.

I love my new house.  Except for just a couple little hiccups, it's great.  But I am really missing Denver's fall weather.  Denver was really the only place I've ever lived that I felt totally at home in, so it's been hard now that the permanence of it (and DIFFERENCE of it) is settling in.  And I may just be a tad bit hormonal.