Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday, half-birthday, and a hair cut

Saturday was Patrick's birthday!  We had pizza and cupcakes with our friends the McDonaldses.  Patrick wanted a Transformer table cloth, and I got the Optimus masks too
present time!
and cupcake!  He didn't want to give the candle back to me.
He had fun with his toys.
And Allison turned 6 months on Monday!  She's 13lbs6oz and 26 inches
And we decided to have Coco groomed.  He had SO MUCH FUR and the hairballs were out of control, so shaved he got.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ballentimes Day

Erin was really excited about Valentine's Day.  She loves her shirt.
Unfortunately Allison and Patrick didn't like the picture idea too well.
A friend was coming over to watch Erin and Patrick while Matt and I (and Allison) went out for dinner, so we made her cupcakes.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A day in the life of Allison, 2/10/12

After waking up and being nursed, playing on the bed while Mom gets ready to shower.
In the bouncy seat while Mommy's busy
I'm so DONE with this!
Calming Allison down after getting dressed
Meanwhile Sister's playing Fat Princess
And Brother's stuffing the cabinet under the aquarium with toys
Getting ready to go run errands, shoes are fun!
Passed out after nursing again...
But only slept long enough to get to the library
Poor Allison didn't get a book
We then went to McDonald's for a quick lunch, but I didn't take a pic.  The new toy for the girls was a mini build-a-bear, with a coupon to get a free mini tee for it if I went in to the store.  Add another errand!

Stopped at Joanne's to see if they had the fabric I want for Easter dresses.  They didn't.
Then to Target, to get manila envelope to send something to a friend.
Gave the camera to Erin to entertain her while I tended to a hungry baby, and stuffing and addressing the envelope (I'm talented).
At the post office, to send 2 boxes to one friend and an envelope to the other.  Baby's asleep again, but not for long!
We then went to Build-a-bear.  We got the mini tee, and then I decided to get a bear with a Valentine's outfit to go upstairs as part of the decor.  I'll get a new outfit for each holiday.
On to another Joanne's.  They have the fabric I wanted, but I wasn't able to decide on a pattern for myself, so I didn't buy any.  Hopefully it's still there when I go to actually buy!
We then decided to go home.
And look who's OUT when I got home?
But not for long! diaper change time!
And into the exersaucer while I try to load the dishwasher.
She started fussing so Brother tried to entertain her.  It didn't really work.
After finally getting the dishwasher started, I needed to start dinner, but not until after playing a bit first.
And back into the exersaucer.  Not too happy about that.
Dinner...she actually ended up eating half the container of green beans!
We just hung out after dinner until it was time to get ready for bed!
And....finally asleep for real

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Remember that winter storm warning I said we had?
Winter just had to go out with a bang I guess.