Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big Brother

So I was worried about how Patrick would react to being a big brother, but he's actually a really good one.
 And it's been interesting to me in regards to his talking.  Erin was talking at 8 months and going nonstop since then, so it's been frustrating to me that he's been so nonverbal.  But he's starting to blossom now, and while his pronunciation needs a LOT of work, he and I can have pretty good conversations sometimes.  ((It's funny to me that his first word was "cookie" and his first full sentence? "Mom, I want a cookie!"))

Actually, I just realized rewatching this video that he says "A blue octopus" at the very end.  Wow!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and haircuts

Erin wanted to wear her new fairy wings trick-or-treating.
Patrick wouldn't sit still for a picture.
After they got home Erin wanted to pass out candy.
Today was Erin's first hair cut!  Our friend Shannon came over for dinner and then cut her hair.
Isn't Erin just adorable?
And then it turned into family haircut night.