Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Patrick's birthday

Apparently I missed the 22nd and 23rd, so I'll make up for it with Patrick's birthday.

We had his cake on the 24th, since I didn't think we'd be able to take it into the bowling alley with us (we could have, but I'm glad we didn't because it would have been a pain).
So yesterday, we went bowling.  Patrick asked specifically.  He played bowling on wii sports and wanted to do it for real.
Patrick won the game!  It helped that Erin accidentally bowled a strike for him.
we combined money from the grandparents and I let him choose a couple toys (and yes, then I wrapped them. First was a wooden sticker-by-number poster with a frame
And then a crane truck that you can take apart and put back together.
After presents we went down and played a few arcade games (Erin got a card with some credits on it at a birthday party she went to a few weeks ago)
I think it's safe to say Patrick had a good day

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 17
Playing with the creation felt and board during Sacrament meeting
February 18
I decided to take the plunge and just put Patrick in underwear and ditch the diapers. (It worked this time!)
February 19th
Apparently I missed. :/

February 20th
We went to the library.  Patrick took his blanket. He was being a ghost here
February 21
While at Joann's, Allison wanted Erin's coat.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wants to be a big girl.

I took the tray off Allison's booster yesterday and she got to sit at the table like a big girl! She was excited.
And tonight she wanted a sleepover with Sister.  Too bad Sister is in the top bunk...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

From my valentines to you

And makeup:
Feb. 9th I don't have a picture for.  I missed a day and didn't even realize it!  I hate it when I lose track like that.

Feb 10th:
Hotdog squids in macaroni.  Apparently the best food ever.
Feb. 11th
Talking to the bird at Petsmart (we'd gone to get a new betta)
Feb. 12th
Helping Mommy vacuum

Feb. 13th
Picnic dinner on the family room floor

Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh February...

Time got away from me...lol

 February 1st
 We went to a McDonald's we'd never been to before, and they had this little kid play area. So I let Allison play, and she was so happy!
Feb. 2nd
We spend Groundhog Day at the zoo (as you can tell, whatever Puxetawny Phil said, there were lots of shadows here!) We went with some friends.
Feb. 3rd didn't get any pictures.  I have a hard time with Sundays...
Feb. 4th
It was Erin's 100th day of kindergarten.  She loved it
Feb. 5th apparently didn't get any pics either.
Feb. 6th
It was grocery shopping day.  Patrick said our van was a space ship.  Erin said their jacket hoods were helmets.  And Target got turned into the moon.
lots of love as Sam's
Feb. 7th
We had the missionaries over for dinner, and for dessert we had cupcakes.  They were messy.
Feb. 8th
When Erin got her backpack to go to school today, Allison decided she had to have a backpack, too.  So then, of course, Patrick had to join in.