Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snow, school, and butterflies

April 23: It snowed
We played in the snow
April 24: Panda Express for lunch after the kids' dentist appointments.
April 25: We picked up Erin from school
And Cora's butterflies emerged!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


April 14th: Mik, hnack & mom-mom

April 15th  Wendy's has a cranium kid's meal toy thing going on.  They fit together into one brain. And Patrick knows that brains go inside the head.
April 16th: a little birthday party for a friend's son
April 17th
Allison was trying to climb into the pack & play to get Violet. And I just had to take a picture before helping her.
April 18th
Repainted the pink in Allison's nursery so we could change it into the computer/craft room
April 19th
Erin was given the top of a cupcake pinata that she used as a hat.

Patrick wanted to help dad push the flat cart at IKEA

Friday, April 12, 2013

Surprises and cuteness

April 10: Surprise! Baby Rolo is due to arrive in December.  Unexpected, but I love babies, so I'm excited.
April 11: "Mommom! Baman! Hat!"
April 12: Today was such a fun day!
We started out with Zumba.  Erin found the camera and took a lot of pictures of me. So when she joined in, I took one of her.  She's cuter.
Then after we took Erin to school and put Allison down for a nap, Patrick decided he wanted to scrapbook with me
Then we went to Home Depot to get some supplies to paint yet another room, and Patrick found the camera
And then we made a couple other stops before we came home.
And then we went home and had ice cream (coconut milk for me!), and put everyone to bed.  Fun day.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First week of April

April 1: self portrait
April 2: hat
April 3: Splashing in rain puddles
April 5: Being crafty, made a shawl for church
April 6: Got the garden plot all ready for planting (after the snow that was coming anyway)
April 7: taking to Daddy on the phone
April 8: Went for a little walk
And Cora's caterpillars came!
April 9: What's that spring thing again?

Finishing out March

March 19: scraped knees. Poor Bibby
March 20: Blowing bubbles
March 21: my birthday dinner at Smashburger
March 22: birthday party thrown by a friend
March 23: Adoptathon at Petsmart
March 24: Squealing over the baby seal while watching a documentary with Daddy
March 26: Dropped off the Bigs at IKEA's Småland and wandered a bit with only one child.
March 27: The zoo! And the train is running again!
March 28: playing with the bunnies at Petco
March 29: made a trip to Colorado Springs and drove through the Garden of the Gods
and bought a buffalo
March 30: The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday
March 31: New Easter's hard to get a really good pic of all 3 kids.