Friday, July 18, 2014

A bit of a catch up.

Time always gets away from me.  I think I just need to accept this as a permanent state of being.

So, Tuesday my visiting teacher invited us to go swimming at the pool in her little gated community thing.  We had gotten floaty things at the end of June (we were invited earlier but couldn't make it), and there was hardly anything to choose from! Apparently if you want pool stuff you have to buy it in, like, April.

But we were able to get a few things.  Even if they were pretty much all pink.

Turns out Owen is my fair one.  The other three all tan pretty well, but Owen looks so pale compared to them!

Speaking of Owen, I gave him some little baby biscuits today.  He LOVED them.

They're banana biscuits and I made the mistake of giving them to him (and, picking up the soggy pieces and giving them back to him when he dropped them) while eating myself.  Even though I wiped my hands off, there was enough to make my tongue tingle and throat kinda feel dry.  Hopefully he doesn't inherit my allergy because he loves bananas!

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